Purity and Charity
A Catholic girls' school founded by the Sisters Announcers of the Lord in 1971


Drama Education plays an important role in our school. It is not only for improving students’ English proficiency, but more importantly, it is to empower our students to become competent language learners, proactive problem-solvers, critical thinkers, creative but responsible social actors to face the challenges in 21st century.
In English curriculum, we are using Process Drama approach to provide students with ample opportunities to learn English as a foreign language. Students learn English in a dramatic world by putting themselves into other shoes and exploring a wide range of themes and genres critically.

We also believe nurturing students' aesthetic appreciation on art such as drama performances is one of the essential aesthetic education. Students from S1 to S6 are encouraged to watch performances ranging from school productions to professional ones; from conventional theatre to physical and contemporary theatre.

The second aspect of drama education in our school is to develop students into well-rounded, independent and presentable persons through drama in the co-curricular. Evidence can be found in the development of the OLR Players, which is an extra-curricular activity held every Monday after school. OLR Players have been receiving a wide range of awards from Hong Kong School Drama Festival since 2007. For example, outstanding awards for actresses, director, play script, cooperation and commendable overall performances.


People’s Gallery – OLR Players Production in 2012


Theatre in Education workshop