Purity and Charity


Vision Mission & Goals


The motto of the School is “Purity and Charity ”. Following the teaching of Jesus Christ, with our teachers' professionalism and our staff's sense of devotion, we pledge to develop our students’ potential to the fullest and enable them to achieve success in university, career and life and have a positive influence on others.



We follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and regard Our Lady as our model. Our mission is to help our students to acquire the Christian values with special emphasis on "Purity and Charity". Through the provision of a caring and loving environment and building up a trustful and intimate relationship with parents and students, we aim to enable students to become mature, happy and positive beings. By equipping students with knowledge and skills, we hope to help them develop their individual potential fully. We also aim to enhance students' social and cultural awareness as well as their care for their country from a global perspective.



We are committed to creating in the school an atmosphere which facilitates the total development of the student in each of the following areas: moral and spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and emotional. We hope to :

Morally and Spiritually,

  • help students to acquire Christian values through religious and ethical education;
  • develop students into civic-minded and responsible citizens through civic education;
  • arouse students' awareness of their national identity, develop them into citizens who respect social justice, human rights, democracy and freedom, and also actively participate in and contribute to our society.


  • train students to think independently and be more inquisitive;
  • help them develop correct and positive attitudes towards life;
  • provide a comprehensive and balanced curriculum that enables students to learn according to their interests and abilities;
  • train the listening, reading, writing and oral skills of students so that they can express themselves and communicate with others effectively.


  • develop the physical fitness of students through diverse extra-curricular activities.


  • help students to build self-confidence and sense of responsibility, develop their creativity and ability to cooperate with others.


  • develop students' ability to appreciate art, music and literature.


  • foster students' self-assurance and ability to establish harmonious interpersonal relationship and to cope with emotional problems.


School Organization Structure