Purity and Charity



  1. To help students to have a better understanding of themselves.
  2. To help students to consider and respect the feelings and needs of others.
  3. To instill in students certain commonly accepted values and social morality, etc.
  4. To help students to understand the rational behind all school regulations.
  5. To train students to observe school regulations.
  6. To identify problematic areas and tackle them.
  7. To help students to face and solve their problems in positive ways.

Committee Members

Ms Chan Suet Ling (Discipline Mistress)

Ms Chong Wai Ling, Wendy

Ms Chung Fung Kwan

Ms Ng Ngai Wa

Ms Tang Cheuk Yan

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School Uniform

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Rules on the use of mobile phones

  1. There must be approval from school for bringing mobile phone to school.
  2. Mobile phone (all functions, e.g. alarm) must be switched off when students are at school except after 6:00p.m.

* A black mark will be given for any violation of rules and the mobile phone will be confiscated for 3 days.

* Mobile phones should be well taken care of.

* Expensive mobile phones should not be used and shown off to others.

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General School Rules

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SSS(Self Improvement Scheme)


  1. To give students chances to do well and improve themselves.
  2. To enhance students' confidence, initiative and help them discover their talents and potential.

Target: Any student who has done wrong and has been given black mark, or demerits can apply for the cancellation of these records through joining the Self-Improvement Scheme.

Instructions for Cancellation

Self-Improvement Scheme Record Form

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S.1's having lunch in classroom


This measure helps new students to adapt and adjust to their environment more quickly and easily. This also helps to eliminate students' chances to be influenced by bad elements outside school.


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Leadership Training Camp for prefects

Through Leadership Training Camp and Prefects' Day. We help prefects to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, build self-confidence, acquire all skills that a leader or role model should have.

discipline camp1 discipline camp2

Hall Assembly on Crime Prevention

discipline crime prevention talk

We invited Sergeant Pang, School Liaison Officer of Police Community Relations Office to be the guest speaker at the school assembly. The topic was Crime Prevention.

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