Purity and Charity
A Catholic girls' school founded by the Sisters Announcers of the Lord in 1971


Committee Members

Mr Lo Kok Chi, Andrew (Chairperson)
Mr Lai Hoi Fung
Ms Leung Wai Yin, Joyce
Ms Yeung Yuk Ying, Suwin


Ms Tse Cho Suen, Jonie (Principal)
Ms Li Yuen Yee (Vice-Principal)

General Objectives

  1. To enable students to develop the positive attitudes and values towards a high moral standard.
  2. To enable students to develop an understanding of and concern for the local conditions, the rights and duties of citizens and government.
  3. To help students become aware of and understand matters of concern for Hong Kong, China and the world.
  4. To help students acquire a basic understanding of democracy, liberty, equality, human rights and the rule of law.
  5. To equip students with the necessary social and political skills.
  6. To develop students’ skills in solving different social problems.
  7. To help students develop open-mindedness and objectivity towards other values, people and cultures.
  8. To help students understand the special features of Chinese culture.

Environmental Protection

Our mission: 4Rs


Our organized efforts are to teach about how natural environments function and, particularly, how we can manage our behavior and ecosystems in order to live sustainably. The 3Rs slogan of "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle" has been at the heart of our efforts to educate our students about waste management. Yet it leaves out a crucial overarching element, and that is "Responsibility" since environmental education is based on the unity of knowing and doing. Our mission is therefore to enhance our students’ environmental awareness as well as environmental responsibility, implementing the 4Rs.

Limit Use of Plastic Eating Utensils

The school policy continues since October, 2006. Most of the students have got used to the policy and started to bring their own utensils during other activities such as Christmas party.


Environmental Ambassadors(EA)

  1. Newly enrolled Environmental Ambassadors

    Other than the 3R slogans, responsibility is a crucial factor for the success of environmental protection in the school setting. Students are encouraged to take their responsibilities to protect our school environment. EPA will be enrolled from CYC members who are interested in promoting EP in the campus. Our committee will promote the scheme and give regular reports of environment. The EA will help to organize activities and monitor the progress of our school environment.

  2. Training Courses

    In order to get well equipped with green knowledge and set good examples for fellow schoolmates, the ambassadors may attend workshops or training courses so that they can do their jobs in the most efficient way.


  3. Classroom Energy-Saving and Cleanliness - Inspection

    Each class will appoint a representative (a monitress) to assure efficient energy management and urge the students to keep the classroom clean. All teachers will help monitoring the classroom environment and take immediate actions if necessary.

    The committee will promote the sense of responsibility of keeping the classroom clean. The Environmental Ambassadors will do the inspection during lunch time and after school several from time to time and give timely reminder for classes that need immediate improvement. The EA inspection will be more efficient if the green measures are carried out through the whole school approach.

Green Christmas Party & Green Life Learning Day

We believe that our students could follow the principles of environmental protection even during regular school activities. We disapprove of the use of paper cups & plates and plastic forks & spoons during both activities. The committee continues to work with the ECA so that students will not waste food.

For the Life-wide Learning Day, we believe that our students could follow the green principles to ensure the environmental protection. As usual, we disapprove of the use of paper cups & plates and plastic forks & spoons during both activities. Though students are used to the green measures, the committee will continue to do the necessary promotion and monitoring this year and we will work closely with the Life Wide Committee and the SA. Mr Lo will contact the LWC head.

We will abide by the four basic principles of the plan though following 2 will be accepted. They are: 1) avoid using wrapping paper; 2) avoid unnecessary food wastage; 3) use of reusable cutlery and containers and 4) avoid over-decorations. Our students have been following the rules as always. But a constant and timely reminder will be a blessing.

Hall Assembly on Environmental Protection

There will be a hall assembly for senior and junior forms respectively. Mr. Lo and Ms. Lee are teachers-in-charge.

Introduction of Solar System and Kitchen Waste Recycling

Our school has set up the Solar Energy System and Kitchen Waste Recycling System and the facilities are ready for use. We will install more solar receiving plates this school this year so that hot water supply will be possible in cookery room and in some toilets on the ground floor. In addition, some gymnastic equipment for generating energy has been installed so that teachers and students can enjoy keeping fit and protect the environment at the same time.

solar sys

Our Solar Energy System

gym en

Some Gymnastic Equipment for generating energy

A briefing assembly was scheduled on November 6, 2009, for educating the students so that the two systems will be operated in effective ways.

other ways

Kitchen Waste Recycling System


Two guest speakers explain the two system in the assembly

Kitchen Waste Recycling Process:

kwrs 1st

The kitchen waste is poured into a recycling bucket

kwrs 2nd

The kitchen waste will then be poured into the recycling machine

kwrs 3rd

The bacteria inside the recycling machine will handle the kitchen waste

kwrs 4th

The recycled liquid will be stored in a tank for use

kwrs 5th

The liquid inside will then be transferred into plastic bottles

kwrs 6th

Here’s a sample of the recycled liquid

kwrs 7th

It can be used to water the plants

kwrs 8th

Fruitful Results!

Other Energy Saving Facilities


lift measure

Two related measures on the staff lift:
1) LED lights have been installed; 2) The lift service is limited

water tap

Sensory taps and flushing

recycling bins

Recycling bins

paper recycle

Paper recycling

Other Energy Saving Measures

  1. Turn on the air-conditioning only when it is above 26 degrees Celsius
  2. Turn off the lights for 45 minutes, from 12:45 to 1:30 p.m.
  3. One monitress of each class is responsible for switching off the main power in the classroom during floating lessons and after school
  4. All sensory tabs have been installed in all toilets
  5. CYC Environmental Ambassadors checking the energy-saving efficiency in each classroom during lunchtime and after school

Our Major Energy Saving Principle

"Turn on the power only when necessary and Switch it off after use."


Social Awareness

Current Affair Society

The society will continue in widening participants’ horizons through training them to understand and to analyze the current affairs in different angles. The society remains independent and open to all students. CYC members interested in current affairs can attend meetings of the society. We may invite senior LS students, e.g. S4 and S6, to join the society so as to lead the lower-form members to have better analysis in the gatherings.

City Forum (城市論壇)

It is an ideal opportunity for the committee to organize cross-curricular activity this year since students of Social Studies, IH and S6 Liberal Studies are encouraged to join the forum. Through actively participating the activity, students could understand social issues more and learn how to voice their opinions in public.

Activities for Sudden Current Issues in Local and International Community (School Theme Activity)

Ms Yeung and Mr Lai can arrange students to do the sharing.

Cross Panels Activities

The LS panel will arrange a talk or role play by Mr. Leung KH, a Legislative Councilor, at a forum. The details are yet to be confirmed.

Visit the Legislative Council

legislative councilor

Our students met a Legislative councilor

Community Youth Club


The aim of the organization is to nurture the sense of civic responsibility in youth people through visiting social services organizations and experiencing their work so that they see the need in actively participate in social services. The slogan for CYC is "To Understand, To Care and To Serve". Its scope of work agrees with the School Sub-theme this school year.

Community Service Group

  • School Mutual Assistance Scheme (深水埗中小學協作計劃)

    Alliance Primary School (Tai Hang Tung) (大坑東宣道小學)

    This is the seventh year that our school joins the scheme. Our group work with the teacher of Alliance Primary School (Tai Hang Tung) (大坑東宣道小學) in the Shamshuipo school mutual assistance scheme (深水埗中小學協作計劃). Mr. A Lo is in charge of the project. Ms. Tse, our principal is the chief advisor while 2 NET teachers and several English teachers will be involved in organising the project. Our students will help with the operation of the workshops. It is planned that the Scheme lasts from November 2012 to May 2013. An Orientation Workshop and an English Story Telling Workshop will be targeted at the junior primary students while an English Drama Workshop will be tailed for the senior primary students.

  • Warm-up English Activity

    eng act1
    eng act2

  • Story-telling Workshop

    story telling1
    story telling2

  • Drama Workshop

    drama ws

  • Green Stall at HK Electric Energy Exhibition

    gs hkeee

  • Lunar New Year Fair Market Community Service (January, 2012)

    lny fmcs 012012

  • Chinese New Year Celebration for the Elderly (January, 2012)

    lny ce 012012 1
    lny ce 012012 2

  • Visit the Lonely Elderly

    lonely elderly

  • Community Service Workshop


  • Scarves for Sichuan (December, 2011)

    scarves sichuan 122011

    On September 22, all S4 students will join a Moon Cakes Deliverance activity at Caritas Cheng WF (鄭承鋒) Elderly Centre. On September 8 and 28, there will be a service at Caritas LHW (利孝和) Elderly home. Our students will help the elderly there to make some tiny artistic items. Some students will join the Youth Association (青協) for the Scheme of "The people who care" (有心人計劃). The participants will be awarded a certificate. The annual large scale activity in Lee Ka Sing Elderly Home will also arranged before the Chinese New Year. The annual visit to Lee Ka Sing Elderly Home will also be scheduled. There will be an outstanding community service volunteer election organized by the Shamshuipo Youth Activity Committee (深水埗區青年活動委員會) in mid-September. The group will also take part in the "Hongkongers Hong Kong's hearts" in September. (The activity will last till March, 2013)

    S1 students are required to do 3 hours of community services during summer holidays; S2 & 3: 6 hours. S4 students need to complete 20 hours of community services within the whole school year. As long as they could satisfy the number of service hours before May, it is optional for them to do community services during summer holidays. In last school year, 3 students completed 200 service hours to receive the Gold Award while 21 students obtained the Silver Award since they finished 100 service hours last year. S4 and S5 students last year were among the more active volunteers. Even in the summer holidays, some students continued serving in Lee KS Elder Home on July 14; designing services for others to join on July 25 and operating stall games for Food and Environmental Hygiene Department on August 19. Ms Anna Wong is the chief coordinator.

National flag hoisting

The next national flag occasion is the school day after the National Day holiday on October 3.

National Flag hoisting ceremony

flag hoisting1

flag hoisting2

National Flag hoisting in procession

Major Achievements

  1. CYC Theme Competition (Sham Shui Po) - Gold Award
  2. Gold Award (The Social Service Department awards schools that have done 1000 hours of social services)


Our students (Centre 2) at the prize giving ceremony


Social Service Group

YWCA Social Service Training

We have close partnership with our neighbour, YWCA. They provide our school with the relevant training and service opportunities. Their constant support often boost the confidence of our students in serving the community

School Mutual Assistance Scheme (深水埗中小學協作計劃)


Hong Kong Sze Yap Commercial and Industrial Association

San Wui Commercial Society School(香港四邑商工總會新會商會學校)


This is the fourth year that our school joins the scheme. Our group work with the teachers of Hong Kong Sze Yap Commercial and Industrial Association San Wui Commercial Society School(香港四邑商工總會新會商會學校) in the Shamshuipo school mutual assistance scheme (深水埗中小學協作計劃). 24 of OLR S3 students in 2 groups will provide musical instrument and handicraft-making training for P4 students in the primary school on 12 Tuesdays. Ms. Kwok, our principal, is the chief advisor while Music and Home Economics Panels will be the chief advisors. It is planned that the Scheme lasts from December 2009 to May 2010. Mr. Andrew Lo and Ms. Anna Wong will be the overall teachers-in-charge.


The 2nd term activity starts with Mr Lee, Ms Wong & Ms Chow


OLR students are teaching the primary students


Some of their lovely products

National flag hoisting

This year, hoisting national flag at the right time and in the proper manner is added as a regular activity for national education. Mr. Lo and Ms Yeung and 3 CYC representatives attended a workshop on September 26, 2009. The next national flag occasion is the school day after the National Day holiday on October 2.


National Flag hoisting ceremony on October 2


National Flag hoisting in procession

Donation to the Food Bank




Service at the Li Ka Sing Elderly Home at Mid-Autumn Festival


An old lady tries to attempt a puzzle.

Our students join an anti-drug counseling training in Shamshuipo on March 3.


Tutors are giving training.


The tutors, Ms Wong and the participants in the workshop

Our students went to the LKS Elderly Home to offer hand massage to the old people there on November 28.
Our students helped to serve in a Christmas programme(聖誕愛心傳千里) organized by the YWCA on December 5.

On December 13, our students participated in drafting a plan of suggestions supporting integration of persons with and without disabilities in the community.


The speaker at the Association explains the plan.


Our students experience a wheelchair drive.


A group photo


The annual visit to Lee Ka Sing Elderly Home took place on January 23, 2010. Our school offered whole-day services including games stalls and delivering hand knit scarves. Mr. Lo supervised our students.


Our principal, Ms Wong, Mr Lo, some volunteers and the scarves.


Old ladies happily put on our scarves.


The gentleman tries his best to aim at the hole.


The elder couple enjoy the game.


 All the participants at the LKS Elderly Home.

On January 23, 2010, Ms Wong led another team to deliver soup to the lone elderly people in Pak Tin, Shamshuipo.


An old couple receive our soup


An old lady receives the soup.


Ms Wong, Ms Kwan and all participants

Also on January 23, 2010, we joined a flag day organized by Hong Kong PHAB Association.

Our school was awarded a certificate issued by Hong Kong PHAB Association (香港傷健協會) in January, 2010 for our participation. Our S3 and S6 students took an active part in the programmes.


Ms Wong represents our school to receive the award


As a series of follow-up activities, there is Drug Free Bingo Game Stalls during the lunch time from March 15 to 17, 2010.


Our students are playing at a game stall.


Students are playing at another game stall


There will be an anti-drug seminar for S1 and S3 students.

In May, our school will send volunteers to deliver dumplings to the lone elderly people.



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