Purity and Charity
A Catholic girls' school founded by the Sisters Announcers of the Lord in 1971




Elite Association was formed with an aim of fostering fellowship among former students of OLR and rendering continued support to OLR. Today, Elite Association is an independent organization with a membership spanning from the first batch of OLR graduates to the most recent graduates. Elite Association offers opportunities for members to serve the community, such as paying charity visits to elderly home. We also support our school in her anniversary celebrations, fund-raising activities and other events.



To promote fellowship among the members;

To act as a bridge between the Association and Our Lady of the Rosary College ("The College")

To support the College in the promotion of quality education;

To participate in the School Management Board meetings;

To do all such other lawful acts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any the above aims.



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Annual General Meeting November 2017

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Executive Committee Members of Elite Association (2017-2019)

Chairlady  Lau Kit Sheung Winnie (1995, S7)
Internal Vice-Chairlady Denise Lo (1994, S7)
External Vice-Chairlady Lee Kit Ying Elsa (1992, S5)
Treasurer Cecily Ma (1988, S5)
♦  Carol Lee (1992, S7) 
Secretary Grace Lee (2012, S5)
Members ♦  Yvonne Lau (1994, S7)
  ♦  Daphne Ho (1990, S5)
♦  Lau Ka Yan Hamorn (1996, S3)
♦  Angel KO (2001 S5)
♦  Kelly LI (2012, S6)
♦  Angela KWOK (1990, S5)
♦  Carly TSE (1990 S5)
♦  CHIN Lok Yan (2012, S6)
♦  Winnie Wong WY (2014, S6)
♦  Winnie Wong WM (1990, S5)
♦  Susan So (1987, S7)
Ada Ho (1990, S5)
Teaching members Ms Tse Jonie (Principal)
Mr Lam Stephen
Ms Wu Teresa