Gifted Education

Gift Education


To deliver appropriate programmes and opportunities for encouraging and nurturing gifted students

Students are provided with the following two tiers of support:

  • School-based Pull-out Support

More able students with specific talents or good academic results are pulled-out for subject-driven gifted programmes.  Students with outstanding performance in specific domains are offered interdisciplinary training.  These students are encouraged to participate in external competitions for further nurturing their potentials.

  • External Support

Exceptionally gifted students are encouraged to participate in related training and receive support from external organizations, such as the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education and universities.  

Highlights of Selected Activities:

  • Scientific Investigation of Tectonic Hazards (jointly organized by Geography and Physics Panels)
English Debate Team Training – Participation in Sing Tao Inter-School Debating
Mathematics Training – Participation in Global Mathematics Elite Competition 2022 (1st photo) and the Hong Kong School Elite Competition 2022 (2nd and 3rd photos)