Basketball Team

Our Lady of the Rosary College’s basketball team is one of many sports teams hosted by the school which is dedicated to encouraging students willing to take challenges and developing positive team spirit. It aims to provide systematic and high-standard training and competition opportunities for OLR students.

We conduct training every Tuesday and Thursday. Through regular training, apart from consolidating a superior foundation of basketball skills snd strengthening our physical fitness, we are able to obtain the ability to challenge ourselves, as well as build up confidence in the process. Moreover, via friendly matches and Inter-School Competitions, we can learn to communicate and cooperate with our teammates and they offer us a great opportunity to enhance our problem-solving skills. Thus, we are capable of understanding the importance of teamwork and a positive team spirit.

It is a matter of fact that the training is tough, yet, we enjoy the cheerfulness and the passion while playing basketball. Above all else, OLR basketball team members learned that when we work together, we can overcome any kind of difficulties and make things possible.