Badminton Team

The Badminton Team is one of the sports teams of Our Lady of Rosary College. There are approximately 25 members on the team. The athletes are given an opportunity to take part in the inter-school competition. To enhance skills and performance, the members participate in school training actively, which is conducted at least twice a week in order to achieve the best result in the competition.

The Badminton Team is dedicated to promoting the badminton sport and building the sports spirit. Physically, we are fully committed to receiving training from the coach. Moreover, the athletes are willing to practice at any time, like the free time during PE lessons and lunchtime. Mentally, we are always encouraged and given guidance by teachers and the coach, so that students are able to learn more actively and make improvements. 

Being provided with a pleasant environment, students not only can enjoy playing badminton in a relaxing atmosphere, but also have a close relationship with teammates and tutors. We are capable of accumulating experiences during the badminton team's practices and competitions, which books cannot provide us. More importantly, we can better ourselves. Students have learned to face stress and tackle problems by participating in competitions, thus it can help us to overcome the challenges in their daily lives, which is imperative to students' growth.