Volleyball Team

Our Lady of the Rosary College volleyball team is one of the most popular sports teams among all in the school. During the regular training of our volleyball team at every Wednesday and Friday, our coach would teach us basic volleyball skills like serving and receiving at the beginning to ensure our ability to attack and defend the opponents, followed up by strategies while competing in different competitions and of course not to left out the fitness exercises, to enhances our members’ physical ability to play in the matches. Before the Inter-School Volleyball Competition, friendlies, which we all cherish, are always arranged for our members to learn from experience as well as to be well-prepared for the coming up competitions.

Speaking of competing, our team has an immense characteristic — we would never say yes to giving up. It is inevitable to win or lose a game. However, what depends the most is how we treat every point and the whole game. We, as a whole, will always strive to win. Once, we were three points behind our opponent, which only needed another three points to win the match. We didn’t choose to be discouraged, but to be passionate. Eventually, we won the game by two points. All of our perseverance paid off as we hoped. We believe that all the tough times at both training and competing will make us stronger physically, as well as more persevering in treating every point mentally.