Duty List for Monitress

Common Duties:

1. Keep the class in good discipline at any time whenever the teacher is not present:

(a) Stop cls from shouting.

(b) Stop cls from wandering about in the classroom.(in-between lessons)

(c) Stop cls from leaving the classroom without permission .(in-between lessons)

(d) Stop students of other classes from entering the classroom except for making announcements.

2. Remind cls to hand in the homework by writing the details on the board every school day. 

Collect all homework / reply slip (with the help of subject leaders) and Enter the data in the Webclass. 

3. Remind cls to line up properly and keep to the left when going up or down the stairs.  

Remind cls to line up properly when going to the special rooms or having P.E. lessons.

Remind cls not to leave any rubbish in the classroom during lunch and after school.  

Remind cls not to leave inappropriate things in classrooms especially before certain school functions, long holiday, test weeks, etc.

Remind cls to keep the door of the classroom open during recess and lunch time.

Remind cls to pull up the venetian blinds next to the corridor when no blackening is needed.

4. Clean teachers’ desk every morning.

Monitress A:

  • Switching on and off the classroom computer in the morning and after school.
  • Prepare the necessary equipment for video broadcast during morning period 
  • Turn off all lights, fans, air conditioners and lock the door before leaving the classroom.
  • Keep the key of the classroom. Return it to the office after school.
  • Accompany cls in need to the sick room and notify the class teacher.

Monitress B:

  • Remind the students-on-duty toclean the blackboard and handle rubbish in the classroom. Write the name of the students-on-duty on the sides of the Blackboard.
  • Collect class money with the   permission of the class teacher.  Each item should be clearly   recorded on the cash book with   the class teacher’s signature. A   monthly balance sheet should be posted on the notice board in the classroom.
  • Collect and lock up all cls’ purses and other valuable belongings during P.E. lessons. 
  • Distribute cls’ belongings after P.E. lessons.

Monitress C:

  • Inform the class teachers those who fail to hand in their homework for 3, 5, 8 and 10 times.
  • Other two Monitresses need to help Monitress C to check the accuracy of the record
  • Go to look for the teacher in the  staff room or report to the general office when the teacher does not show up in the classroom 10 minutes after the lesson begins.
  • To be in charge of all notice boards. Make sure all important notices, e.g. Fire-drill procedure, Lunch in classroom reminder, Detention reminder, etc. are well stuck on the notice board while the out- dated ones should be thrown away